Aqua Technologies

We wish to introduce ourselves as a One of the leading technical group offering Water and Waste Water treatment Solutions under one roof.

Our set up was incorporated to market various water treatment Systems, equipment’s, chemicals, and undertake contracts for turnkey jobs as well as detailed engineering and design of water and waste water treatment equipment.

We provide total consultancy for Water treatment engineering, design, supply installation commissioning, and operation of the plant. We have wide engineering capability in processing, Food Industry, Pharma, chemical, Packaged Drinking Water and other industries

Environmental Consultancy Division

We believe in arriving at creative solutions. Our innovations enable us to provide cost effective solutions to complex pollution related problems. Hence we effectively address environmental and fiscal constraints of your project.

Project execution division

In this project execution division we do Sewage water treatment, Effluent treatment plan, Water treatment plan, Effluent Recylcing system And Air Pollution control System.

Operation & maintenance and chemical supply division

We commit our services to meet your needs in terms of quality and budget. We works closely with your staff to identify their goals and create an Operation & Maintenance plan to achieve the desired results.

Our Expertise comprises of the following service :

  • Design , Engineering and supply of Water treatment plants
  • Design , Engineering and supply of Mineral water plants
  • Design , Engineering and supply of Iron & Color removal plant
  • Design , Engineering and supply of Reverse Osmosis plants
  • Design , Engineering and supply of Waste Water treatment plants
  • Design , Engineering and supply of Sewage Water treatment plants
  • Design , Engineering and supply of Zero Liquid discharge recycling plant

Aqua Technologies is a single house where all components and equipment’s are available for easy purchase and quick installation at competitive price for today’s market condition and quality is assured for all items.

Also Aqua Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of water pollution control equipment’s and air pollution control equipment’s. We are also one of the leading consultants to preparations of documents and project reports for Zero Liquid Discharge Recycling system. We are also dealing all types of ETP, RO chemicals for removal of color, foaming, Scaling, Fouling and reduction of TSS. We have erected and commissioned the ETP, STP, Air pollution control system and Zero Liquid Discharge Recycling system for more than 150 units.

Also Aqua Technologies have more than 30 efficient and qualified executive for the individual field in project executives, marketing executives, erection engineer, commissioning engineers and chemists.



  1. Sewage Treatment plant
  2. Effluent Treatment plant
  3. Air pollution control System
  4. Waste Water recycling system
  5. Water Treatment System
  6. Reverse Osmosis System
  7. Nano Filtration System
  8. Ultra Filtration System
  9. Single and Multiple Effect Mechanical Evaporator
  10. Agitated Thin Film Dryer
  11. Package ETP and STP Plant


  1. All types of Clarifier
  2. Parallel Plate Separator
  3. Tube Settler
  4. Floating Aerator
  5. Fixed Aerator
  6. Diffused Aerator
  7. Pressure Sand Filter
  8. Activated Carbon Filter
  9. Micron Filter
  10. Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor
  11. Wet, Dry, Chemical Scrubber
  12. Bag Filter
  13. Cyclone Separator
  14. Mechanical Dust Collector
  15. All types of Fabrication

We offer the latest technologies to solve your water and wastewater needs with on time deliveries and service back up.

We also have a team of well-qualified and experienced service engineers; we could attend to the servicing of the above said plant round the clock.

Since the start of the business the primary focus has been on the total customer service and customer satisfaction through constant up gradation of latest technologies and commitment for quality in the process, we have become a company with a will to accomplish innovative and challenging tasks