Agitated Thin Film Dryer

Agitated Thin Film Dryer

Agitated Thin Film Dryer is a heat transfer equipment AQUA TECHNOLOGIES is well-versed in manufacturing and supplying.

In Agitated Thin Film Dryer, a thin layer of high TDS solution or Mother Liquor of waste water is distributed on the Heating Surface of the ATFD Inner shell. In the jacket steam is supplied for heating of the same liquid. Solid reaches the bottom having less than 5% moisture (depends on the product’s physical properties).


  • Eliminating Solar Plant
  • Saturation Solution to Mixed Salt
  • Smooth and Trouble Free Operation
  • Drying of Solids
  • Effective Heat Transfer
  • Minimum space required
  • During rainy season there is no need to stop production or reduce the production
  • Reliable operation
  • Easy to maintain reject management


  • Chemical Industries,
  • Drug Industries,
  • Pharma Industries,
  • Refineries,
  • Leachates,
  • Textile Industries,
  • Tanneries,
  • Rubber,
  • Automobile Industries
  • Food & Beverages
  • Mixed Salt Recovery
  • Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs
  • Fish Mill
  • Sugar Mills
  • Electroplating Industries

Agitated Thin Film Dryers are available for capacities ranging from 25kg/hr to 1500kg/hr.