Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

AQUA TECHNOLOGIES provides effluent treatment solutions for various types of industrial waste water. Customized systems to suit the wide variety of effluents and to maintain efficiency are provided to industries – systems based on Physiochemical, Electrocoagulation and Biological treatments and Membrane separation are offered to suit efficiency. We have the experience and capability to design and commission a host of clarifiers, filters, aeration, coagulation and settling systems for waste water from industries.

Recycle and reuse of treated effluents is profitable in the ever deteriorating environment of water scarcity. Reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration systems and other tertiary treatment processes make this possible for industries keen on resource optimizations.


  • Rids Potential Diseases. Wastewater treatment systems eliminate disease-causing bacteria and kills harmful organisms.
  • Low-Cost.
  • Minimal Odour Emissions.
  • No Water Bills.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Break Down Solids Faster.
  • Recycle of water and reused to industries.
  • Reduce off-site treatment cost
  • Unnecessary water usage during the processing is eliminated
  • Makes your industry self-sustainable
  • Helps reduce the contamination of natural water bodies and make the environment safe for others
  • This is the most cost-effective and environmental-friendly method


  • Chemical Industries,
  • Drug Industries,
  • Pharma Industries,
  • Refineries,
  • Leachates,
  • Textile Industries,
  • Tanneries,
  • Rubber Industries,
  • Automobile Industries
  • Food & Beverages
  • Electroplating Industries