Reverse Osmosis

AQUA TECHNOLOGIES is known as one of the premier Reverse Osmosis plant manufacturers. We offer services like installation, maintenance and repair of the RO plants. Our state-of-the-art technology and brilliantly crafted planning are responsible for providing never imagined RO plant solutions. We have with us some of the best engineers, who are not only experts but are also experienced enough to offer the best and quickest solutions.

Some of the exclusive features of our services are world class designs, durability, excellent performance and undisturbed operations. The RO plants installed by us are quite cost effective as very less maintenance is required by them. We ensure greater longevity of the membranes, lesser fouling of the membranes and also better recuperation of permeate. We ensure greater satisfaction to the customers as our RO systems are capable of getting better rid of the contaminations.


  • The semipermeable spiral round membrane reduce the TDS level.
  • Easy maintenance of the system.
  • The Customized system of RO systems are very compact, and it requires less space.
  • This system requires less quantity of chemicals to purify water.
  • The energy requirement for the RO system is very less.
  • RO systems are totally automated and are designed to start and stop on their own.


  • Chemical Industries,
  • Drug Industries,
  • Pharma Industries,
  • Refineries,
  • Leachates,
  • Textile Industries,
  • Tanneries,
  • Rubber Industries,
  • Automobile Industries,
  • Food & Beverages
  • Electroplating Industries